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New to KnoWellness?

 Start HERE

I  recommend that most people begin here. This is a very in depth session and provides an energy overhaul as well as insight for your well being.. You will leave with real tools, applicable to your life so that YOU can truly have a shift in how you view your world.

Perception Shift  



This session is 2.5 hours  and includes the following:



Chakra Reading


Crystal Therapy

Card Reading

Intuitive Impressions


Rapid Refuel Visit      90 mins $95  /    45 mins $50

Crystal Therapy

Intuitive Impressions



Chakra Reading


This Japanese ancient method of healing uses energy to balance the body and mind. In fact, Reiki is believed to improve just about any aspect of life, from physical health to emotional well being to stress reduction and mental clarity.

Fog Lifter Card Visit    90mins        $75       

Card reading is centuries old. While you are shuffling the cards your very own telekinetic energy is asborbed, meaning questions and concerns are offered up for insight. Most people are not tapping into their intuition with so much cosmic noise going on. This is a way to pause the ego centered voices in our minds and get some clarity from our higher self.

Light Seeker Visit  90mins  $75  

In today's society, many people are looking to learn how to work with energy, meditate, and allow the flow of joy and prosperity into their lives. The truth is, nobody can hear God for you. Your connection to the source lies within you and is always present, ready with divine guidance. Visits are tailored to your individual needs.

Create your own circle of light

Add a unique twist to your next gathering.

Each party begins with a 30 minute group session designed to empower each guest with energy wellness skills.  Each person will get a private 15-20 minute angel card reading.  

To book a party you must have 6 people. No more, no less.

Traveling as far as 1 hour distance is included in the price,

outside of that additional fees may apply.


$40 per person

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