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 Imagine connecting to your own psychic Super Powers!

Intuitive Me

Enrollment will OPEN  August 1st

"I took the Intuitive Me class with Noelle in the spring of 2021. I will be honest in saying that I had my reservations about how much I may benefit from her class, not because of Noelle but because I was intimidated by the overall concept of me being an Empath/HSP, but I took a leap of faith and signed up. I am so glad I proceeded forward!!

Noelle navigated the group with such grace and patience! She completely understood our concerns as HSP's and encouraged us to push through those exercises/instructions, that may feel awkward at first, given for us to learn but become second nature with practice. Your journey as a lightworker is your own individual blend of energy, light, color, emotions, and connections. Noelle is there to guide you and encourage you as you begin to explore the gifts that have been there for you to access all along. You won't regret following the spirit's prompting by signing up for her class. Just do it!"


Love and Light,

Susan M

Meet your instructor,

Noelle Costar

I was always very sensitive. If you're here, I'm guessing that you may have earned this label too. 

Trust me, you're not alone! 


It took me soooo many years to understand my gifts!

It was hard to challenge the beliefs of my upbringing and even harder to figure out what being an empath meant for my life.

Through my own journey of learning about energy and psychic development I became less fearful, and my life significantly improved.

My hope for you is that it doesn't take you years navigating this stuff alone. That's why I am passionate about teaching,

so that you get the guidance and validation you need.

Learn how to embrace your unique intuitive gifts and use them to transform your life. 

  • Do you feel overly sensitive and get nudges from your intuition but don't fully trust yourself?


  • Would you like to learn in a loving supportive environment where you can grow without judgement?


  • Are you a healer or tarot card reader that wants to get more insight and connection during your sessions?

Get YOUR foundational education for spiritual expansion.
Here's what some students are saying about Intuiti
ve Me

  • CLAIRS- How to understand & expand yours 

  • Meditation

  • Auras- sensing and readings

  • Empath Protection

  • Psychic Readings

  • Energy Hygiene

  • Telepathy 

  • Chakra Training

  • Pendulum Work

  • Dream Interpretation

Course Includes

8 weekly LIVE Zoom classes

Monday nights 7-9pm

 October and November 

Weekly class replay recording

Weekly audio meditations 

Lifetime access to private Facebook group

8 weekly video modules with pdfs for home study

What Makes This Course Different?

This class provides an intimate sacred container for you to

let down your guard and grow your spirit.

Space is limited to only 10-12 students per year.

16 hours of LIVE Zoom time with Noelle makes this class powerful!

She has 22 years of experience and wisdom to share on this 8-week journey.


Don't underestimate the power of a group!

Practicing and learning together with like-minded people AMPLIFIES the growth of everyone in the group. Not only will you build confidence through validation, but through communing with amazing women as well.

Female Friends
Tracy Lynn Rice

I have had both a remote Rapid Refuel and a Tarot Card Reading and both have helped me to slow down, learn to breathe better, and move forward in my journey with more clarity. 

Enrolling and participating in Intuitive Me Zoom Class took faith, trust, and coming out of my comfort zone. But as I did that I began to learn about myself, my unique gifts, and my importance in this world at this exact moment in time. Through Noelle’s instruction I was able to understand my talents and gifts and how to tap deeper in and use tools to enhance and open up! I received a steady foundation to help me on my journey of self discovery, helping me to open my own Empath Massage and Alternative Healing small business, and provided momentum, Love, and Support! Forever Grateful!

Yanely Padron

Sometimes ignorance and fear of trying new things prevents us from knowing how wonderful our being is.  Not having hesitated to be part of Intuitive me with Noelle, it was one of those experiences that you always want to relive.  

You learn a lot, you discover talents, how powerful our mind is.  Noelle knows how to find everything you need to emerge victorious from your Comforts zone. Super recommended 


Thank you so much for everything Noelle!

Kristina Amiero-Perez

I would highly recommend taking intuitive me with Noelle to anyone looking to deepen their intuition and psychic abilities. Through self study, lectures, and partner activities you will gain a sense of trust in yourself and the signs around you. The course was not only informative, it was fun! I met amazing like minded women on a similar journey. And Noelle was able to hold a safe space every week for us to connect and dive into all the “weird” stuff going on around us. If you’re curious and open to new possibilities sign up asap! 

Stacie Vayda

I most enjoyed this class. I learned so much about myself and my psychic abilities.  I was fascinated by my discoveries and the many things I learned about the intuitive side of me. This group class is so welcoming and warm.  There is no wrong answer, response or experience.   Noelle’s guidance is most helpful and reassuring.  You will feel connected to those in your group.  You will feel at home.  This class will leave you wanting to learn and know so much more.  I absolutely recommend this class if you are interested in learning more about your intuition and connection with others.  I have experienced Reiki, tarot readings, tarot reading classes, intuitive me, and a beautiful connection with Noelle and others through her guidance. 

Why wait another minute to trust your intuition?  If you are feeling the impulse to join...

TAKE A LEAP OF FAITH and enroll today!

Outdoor Study Group

One Time Payment


10 Monthly Payments




What if the HARD WORK is investing in yourself? 

Trust me I get it...

Life is very BUSY! 

Family, friends and work obligations pull you in a thousand directions.

How long have you been putting off some serious YOU time?

Magic Of Manifesting

Coming 2023

Don't wait another day to get a crystal clear vision for your future.

You are worthy of your dreams NOW!

We're Noelle and Billy Costar.
This event is SO SPECIAL to us because we open our MAGICAL home to host YOU!  Everybody gets real quality time at this intimate gathering and leaves full. 
Included in your ticket:
  • Powerful talks 

  • Road mapping

  • Group energy clearing 

  • Alpha mind meditation

  • Vision boarding

  • Deep Reiki healing

  • Valet Parking

  • Snacks & Beverages

  • Organic Catered Lunch 

After party

(well, we have to celebrate a job well done!!)

Laughs and JOY 

I'll throw that in for free!!