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My Laugh Is Loud,

 I make no apologies for it!

     Over the last few years chatting with the dead and touching base with angels has become more main stream and acceptable. The truth is, this profession has been a journey of walking out my own faith. I spent many years passionately learning about crystals and studying the tarot. All along the way gaining the courage to speak up about what I do in the face of friends and family thinking I’ve gone mental or that I might burn in hell- and potentially take them with me!!


     Becoming attuned to Reiki in 2006 was a HUGE blessing and really led me down a path of deeper connection to God and Love. Learning to accept my psychic ability and develop as a healer has been challenging at times, but it has proved to me beyond a shadow of a doubt that the goodness of God is always at work.

     It is my great honor to work with people to bring light and insight to their lives and to be a channel for peace and healing. Teaching about these topics has been a natural progression to help others that are struggling with their gifts. We are all spiritual beings living inside human bodies. It is important to know how to function as both in this new world that is emerging before our eyes. I love helping people to embrace their own unique light. 


My marriage to Billy is one of the greatest victories that I have in life. He is the most positive person I've ever met. I am so fortunate to have such a great example of kindness and love in my home every day.

Billy, Aziah & Patience are my 3 little birds.

       They remind me that every little thing is gonna be alright!


I am a wife, mom, daughter, sister and friend. Just like you I wear many hats.

I was born in Greensburg, Pennsylvania. The oldest of three girls, mom was a cosmetologist and dad a doctor, my childhood was pretty normal. Um..... with the exception that I occasionally saw dead people walking about like holograms! Around 6 that stopped but the vivid psychic dreams continued. Dreaming has always been a bridge to connect me to a non physical world that I knew to be REAL in some way.  I was always very " SENSITIVE" and seemed to be quite the hypochondriac, (according to my parents) because I would have sudden aches and pains or think I was dying because I couldn't breathe. Little did I know I was just an Empath. In my teenage years I had chronic anxiety and depression and then  one day when I was 19- I began to embrace myself and the psychic gifts I have been given. That's when all the REAL MAGIC began!


"We are all spiritual beings living inside human bodies. It is important to know how to function as both in this new world that is emerging before our eyes."


My Dirty Little Secret...

That was when I bought my first pack of tarot cards at 19.

I had NO idea why I was doing it, only that I had always wanted to have a direct conversation with spirit.

Over the years I have heard so many psychics and mediums scoff at the cards. They may say things like, "Oh- you don't need THOSE tools."

I have found that opening the tarot is like opening a vast portal to infinite wisdom.

The cards have opened me up and taught me how to develop my intuition, but more importantly they have strengthened my connection to God.

They have taught me to trust the process of life- in all it's many glorious facets.

Inside Scoop

My most distinctive trait is probably my laugh. My laugh is loud and make no apologies for it! I consider it  my beacon of joy sending echoes of light into the world. Unfortunately, it makes me a terrible ninja!! Most people can hear my laugh from quite a distance so I won't be sneaking up on anyone anytime soon!

I'm not really the Sporty Spice...

You won't really catch me running a mile but I do like to rock out on an elliptical machine from time to time. I enjoy yoga and became a yoga teacher in 2018 as a way to push the boundaries and beliefs of my own mind body relationship. My favorite sport is bowling...wait is meditation a sport?

My real passion is storytelling ....

I think this has always helped me to connect deeply with people. Conveying lessons through stories has ultimately become my platform to teach from and help people heal. Don't worry, many books are in the works.

One day.....

I may just open a restaurant. I have always had a LOVE for dining out. On vacation, you will find me at delicious eateries all over the world. Instead of the sights I like to savor the flavors!! To my surprise I have become quite the home chef in the last 10 years, that and my obsession with stemware just might inspire a restaurant one day! We'll have to see!!

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