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Chakra Chill

at the Lotus Pond

Jan 27th @ 4pm

Charge up while you chill out with a short gentle practice focused on opening up energy centers through slow movement, mindfulness, and self study. Then enjoy a long guided chakra meditation to heal, harmonize and energize the entire being.


Tarot is an amazing tool to connect with your higher self and receive insight and guidance for your life.

It is a snap shot in time that is not predictive, as much as, it is a

pulse on where you are. Using it to

make choices and changes can be enlightening and empowering.

In this class you will receive :

  • a study of the entire deck

  • working knowledge of 3 different layouts

  •  grounding and protecting techniques

  • meditations to improve intuition

  • weekly study guides

  • practical experience

  $50 registration fee

  $200 balance

    Due by March 5


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