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Reiki Level One Certification Course


Have you've been looking for a natural way to help pain and anxiety?



Maybe you been wanting to expand your path as a healer?

Don't miss this rare opportunity to learn ancient healing wisdom with Reiki Master Noelle Costar.  


This 4 week course is designed to integrate information with hands on experience. We will be taking the body through a 7 day detox, lifting the vibration before the attunement and bringing it more in alignment to perceive subtle energies. 

This opportunity has NOT been available in a live setting in years and won't be again in 2023. 

April 16th-May7th

Sundays 2-4:30pm


Calling All Reiki Healers


Weekend Workshop


May 1st & 2nd


Reiki Level 1 
prior attunement required.

This is your chance to slow down and explore this modality in depth.


Expand Your Reiki Practice


  Experience full guided treatment sessions where you’ll become more confident in your own ability to sense and feel energy.

  This workshop will strengthen your practice and empower you to develop your own style as a healer.

Come Feel the Vibrations

Whether you were just attuned to Reiki or a master practicing for years, this workshop will offer an

opportunity to grow as a healer and deepen your connection to this beautiful universal energy.


Noelle has had a successful practice as an alternative healer for over a decade. She put this workshop together because so many students get attuned to Reiki and still have NO confidence to work on other people or use the techniques they have learned at all. Right now the world needs more light workers and healers to expand their gifts and take ownership of the love and light that flows through them.


Reiki Replay is a chance to slow down and explore this modality in depth. Experience full guided treatment sessions where you’ll become more confident in your own ability to sense and feel energy. This workshop will strengthen your practice and empower you to embrace your unique style as a healer.




  • Discussion & activities for each of the 5 principles

  • Guided full treatment practice sessions

  • Gentle chakra yoga and pranayama 

  • Techniques to clear, protect, ground and feel auras 

  • Chakra reading with a pendulum 

  • Insight for adding crystals to your practice

  • Journaling and meditation

  • Basics to building a healing business

What to expect in this workshop:




  Winter    Solstice Workshop


Tarot Talk

Monday January 31

Live Zoom


Have you ever wanted to use Tarot Cards to get a little clarity and insight in your own life?

Maybe you've even bought a pack of cards, but find yourself overwhelmed and intimidated to begin this journey. With so many cards and meanings how do you make sense of it all?

After 25 years of reading Tarot cards, I have found that a key factor that holds novice readers back is the inability to communicate out loud what the message is.

Looking the cards up and then thinking about the meanings keeps beginners in "theory mode" without ever really connecting to your powerful channel - YOUR VOICE!

In this interactive workshop we will cover some basics to get you out of your head and into your intuition.

Everyone will give and receive 2 readings during the break out session, therefore class space is limited so everyone gets quality coaching time. It's gonna be really FUN and empowering!

Heal the Healer

Saturday October 10th

9:30am - 5pm

Health care professionals, teachers, massage therapists, healers, psychic/mediums, cosmetologists and outside sales/marketers -


  • Do you find yourself wiped out after a couple days of seeing clients?


  • Do you notice certain people or events seem to drain your energy more than others?


  • Do you get headaches, nausea, body pain or need a day of rest to catch up after a few days of heavy client load?

As a healer, Knowellness is no stranger to the overload that comes with being a source for others.

Sometimes this funk shows up as anxiety, depression or extreme sensitivity. You may even shut down, avoiding your clients or business communications completely.

This is a sign that you are overloaded!

Energy hygiene is just as important as brushing your teeth and showering!

In what seems another lifetime ago, I was a nail technician. This meant there were days that I held hands with 15 clients a day!!

I began to realize that holding hands created an energy link.

I started studying this and learned that your intention or desire to help others can even be enough to create these energy cords. These links can drain your energy long after your client or patient has left you. This can have a HUGE impact on your overall health and well being!




This is an intimate gathering with space for 12.
*Energy Fundamentals
*Boundary Basics
*Tools and Techniques
*Journaling and Meditation
*Group Energy Healing
*Mirror Work for Inner Light and Self Love
Enjoy a power packed day to help you completely regenerate! Learn tangible tools to restore your energy levels faster and protect yourself from burnout and empath overload. Relax and recharge your batteries in a magical and nurturing environment. Clean healthy vegan food and beverage included.

Only accepting 10 students

8 week Zoom Class


 Enrollment Opens

February 28, 2022


Payment options available

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