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Getting Grateful In A World Gone Mad

Everyday it seems there are headlines from somewhere in the world alerting us to the constant doom and gloom. There are people starving while others live in luxury, people dying of disease while others are healed or thriving, people being assaulted and killed while others live a charmed existence, with all this going on most of us are trying to maintain our emotional compass while bringing in income. Seems like a tall order to stay positive!

Many of us want to cast our opinions and our emotional energies this way and that as we ride the tide of current events and circumstances in our personal lives and the world. It's time to release the anger folks- you see it is the #1 KILLER in the world! Please understand that as you spend time caring for yourself, bringing yourself into alignment with the things that you love and appreciate, only then can you see through the lens of a different perspective- which by the way, is a GOOD thing! It is vital to focus on YOUR healing everyday, work on bringing yourself into a state of feeling good. It is only through this change that we are able to begin to heal our world.

These times may be trying, but can you honestly think of a time in history that didn't have just as much chaos, killing, and natural disasters. There has always been an element of fear distracting us from making choices most in alignment with our good. This week try finding 10 things everyday that you can get grateful about. What is magnificent about your body, the earth, the relationships you have, your source of income, and the unique talents and abilities that you have? Spend just five minutes breathing in through the nose then out through the mouth. Next speak out loud the things you are grateful for each day, then smile and bask in the beautiful energy you will have created around you. This is how you use your ability to create in the world with your mind. This is how you actually begin shifting your vibration.

The full moon will impact both Thanksgiving and Christmas this year. Get yourself a a game plan to nourish your spirit with uplifting thoughts. Truly pray for the consciousness of our planet to be more illuminated than ever before. Do yourself a favor and watch The Croods movie, you will have a laugh and a cry and know that it really IS all gonna be OK.

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