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Change- A Hard Pill To Swallow

Change happens to all of us from the moment of conception, yet as soon as we are conscious of security we cling to the things that make us feel safe. Why are we so afraid of moving on? The very purpose of our existence here on earth is to grow and change so that our souls expand and become more. Still, as we carve out our own life experiences here, situations can disturb our emotional system and fear can drive lots of actions.

As our very core of what's real- our own physical bodies reveal to us through pain and dis-ease that our own systems are out of balance it is difficult not to immediately become fearful and make choices from this place. In today's society we live in a place where pharmaceutical companies are directing the flow of hospitals and doctors with the hopes that every american will someday be on some form of medication. Unfortunately this is not medicine and it is a sad day when most people are following this advice believeing that it is true accurate and untainted by the drug companies. We do in fact have choices to question, research, and listen to our own internal guidance system.

Recently I have discovered that my own body is out of balance and undergoing some health challenges. At first I decided to take the medication prescribed to me with a side of " Do you want to have a stroke or a heart attack" as I got my head around what was happening and formulated a game plan for healing. Little by little I began to feel my body revolt against the drugs. My internal senses were alerting me daily that I can find another way, but I must CHANGE! That's right folks, there is that word again. You see it is much easier to swallow the pill that they prescribe rather than have the courage to change your lifestyle, it is so much less taxing to take the drug and mask the pain rather than seek out the root cause.

Friends Growing Up is not about age, it is about maturity. Change is about looking those same old unchallenged ways in the face and knowing that the time is NOW to move on. Today I am making my own decisions and begin my journey towards real Wellness, and although it comes to me by way of a challenge, I embrace it because out of the struggle we become healed, stronger, and EMPOWERED!! Join me over these next few months as I share my journey into alternative medicine.

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